The Third Annual   

   Dig 4 Jimmy Surf N Turf Family Event Was A Big Success!

Thank you to all of the Sponsors:

The Dig 4 Jimmy is a unique event combining a surf contest and a volleyball tournament to raise funds for kids of need.

The turn-out was fantastic, the weather was great and everyone had a great time.  Looking forward to next year!

Here are the winners:

2012 Champions:

Overall Winners: Matt Pagan, Kayce Matthews, Joel Aiello and Jeff Bowers
Surf Contest Winners: Taylor Hein, Scott Sherk, Jake Johnson and John Ward
Volleyball Tournament Winners: Chris Brown, Ryan Ulrich, Tamara Lantz  and Casey McGarry
The JMMF Ocean Therapy program combines occupational and recreational therapies with the sport of surfing in the healing environment of the ocean. Ocean Therapy is proven to assist recovery and rehabilitation for those challenged by Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (“PTSD”,) traumatic brain injuries, and other emotional, mental and medical conditions. The JMMF team consists of professional occupational and psychological therapists, expert surf instructors, experienced water pros and lifeguards, and dedicated volunteers.

 Dig 4 Kids could use your help. Please donate $10 at to help our cause.

Dig for Kids Mission Statement:
 Dig 4 Kids is an after school program committed to provide youth in low-income communities with increased opportunities for academic and athletic achievement.

With Only 60% of the children in under served schools graduating from high school, DFK is teaching kids that they can be super heroes through education. A well educated student can be anything they want to be, a super doctor, a super lawyer, a super teacher. Please
donate $10 to help us educate the next Superman or Wonder Woman.

Dig for Kids has a new website, Dig 4 Kids.  Please check it out.  We are a volunteer based Education Foundation so we appreciate all of your help and support.