The Elite Beach Volleyball club has been a huge success.  Our girls remain unbeaten in each of their four dual matches and Jo/Izzy won the pairs championship.  They are improving and starting to understand how to play the beach game.  The best thing for me is they are having so much fun and our club girls won every event played.

One thing about our club is that it’s important to us that they get involved with community out reach projects throughout the year.  The photos below are from the Boys & Girls Club of San Pedro, CA. Dig for Kids and Elite Beach Volleyball teamed up together to help B & G and their fund raising efforts. We helped paint the mural to help the club raise $250,000. The mural will be used to raise awareness of their goal.  When they reach their goal, a generous donor will give the club an additional $250,000. We were thrilled to help.

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