Kids After School Program

Dig for Kids After School Program Digging Education”

  • Dig for Kids After School Program is making a difference one child at a time
  • On Wednesday, we completed our 37th Digging Education program by teaching kids the importance of education and exercise.
  • Did you know that in the US, we have over 1 million students drop-out of school every year?
  • Over 6000 students a day or one student every 29 seconds. It’s worse for at-risk kids. The students from low-income families are 2.4 times more likely to become a “drop-out” than children of middle-income families and 10 times likelier than children of high-income families.

Dig For Kids After School Program plays an important role to help underserved children.

Are “Drop-outs” an urban or inner city problem?

  • Children who drop-out of school have social implications like stress and frustration associated with their choices. Our nation’s prisons are made up of “drop-outs”. High school “dropouts” make up 82% of the America prison population.
  • “Drop-outs” are eight times more likely to be in jail or prison than high school graduates
  • More likely to make almost $10,000 less per year than high school graduates and live in poverty

“Digging Education” A Kids After School Program

Our goal is to create a game plan for success by teaching at-risk youth the importance of being Educated, Eating Right, and Exercising  all within a safe learning environment.