A warm sunny fun event, Dig 4 Jimmy was a huge success.

Dig 4 Kids and the Jimmy Miller Foundation teamed up for the 2nd Annual Dig 4 Jimmy.

The event is a surfing contest and a four man volleyball competition.  The four person

teams compete in surfing and were judged on one wave in a 20 minute heat.  Then, the

same team plays in pool play to advance to a four team playoff, semis and then the final.

The goal of the event is to bring family and friends together to enjoy a day at the beach.

Check out the two minute video. My team won the volleyball portion and yes it is ok to

win your own tournament.

Dig 4 Jimmy video

The goal of the event is very simple and selfless.  We want our family, extended family, friends, kids and community to come down to the beach to watch and/or participate an event that is fun for the whole family.  I had a twelve year old boy, Casey McGarry set me in four man volleyball.  He is good setter but more importantly he set an Olympic Gold Medalist to win the volleyball portion.  He will remember that Sunday for a long time and I hope he is motivated to do great things in volleyball and life.  Enough tooting my own horn but I enjoy motivating kids.  At the awards banquet, Casey had a smile ear to ear.  It was really cute to see.

A warm sunny fun event Dig 4 Jimmy

I want to thank our sponsors:  Bud Light, FRS, Zico, Sangria, Body Glove, Spyder Surf, El Gringo- Guac Truck, Sector 9, National Volleyball League, Australian Gold and Rock Star.  I hope you all have a great summer.

We also cleaned the beach before we left so it looked better than when we arrived.

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